Artree Music are delighted to be working in collaboration with New Zealand born singer-songwriter Samuel Alty

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Samuel Alty has had a bit of a rollercoaster life when it comes to his experiences in the arts. His work has lead him around the globe in a variety of enterprises from dancing at the Royal Opera House to performing as a musical rabbit in a travelling circus and everything in-between it would appear that Alty has tried his hand at anything and everything.

These days however, Alty seems to have found somewhere to call home and is plying his hand at the folk music industry. Having settled down in his current home of Poland, Alty recorded his debut EP Heart Song last year and after the avalanche of critical acclaim the result was to rush him into the studio and get him to work on his debut album Hammering Nails Into the Sky. After months of hard work, the album arrived in February 2017 to another burst of critical acclaim; the likes of Wroclaw Uncut have stated that “Hammering Nails Into the Sky represents the true art of song-writing” and this deserving praise is spreading Alty’s name and talents even further afield.

Alty has a unique and experimental musical range that seems to pop and crackle around you as his deep, wavering bass lines meld with ardent guitar tunes and bubble up with the resounding pounding of his beatboxing and audio loops. His rich amalgamation of sounds and textured layers of music have garnered him critical acclaim time and again and combined with his deep and adaptive vocals that ring out like the chime of a bell carried on the breeze it creates a series of stunning and melodic songs.

Artree Music has recently begun working in collaboration with Alty to spread his well deserving name ever further around the globe. With a unique outlook on life and a truly extraordinary set of experiences and talents it is only a matter of time before Alty becomes a household name in folk music.

Official Video for Heart Song

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Samuel Alty is also an experienced teacher, actor-musician and international performer who runs regular workshops.

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