Album Review: Tinlin – Shade Of The Shadows

Shade of the Shadows is Tinlin’s latest offering to the world of acoustic-folk-pop music and it’s an offering that is gratefully received. The brothers have taken their inspiration from the love of their Chiltern Hills environment and transformed it into 12 bold and cheerful tracks that will entice you from beginning to end.

It is the soothing, harmonious vocals of the brothers that are truly inspiring in their songs. A combination of gentle, honest, charismatic voices that combine and intermingle with one another until it’s impossible to distinguish them apart. Taken singularly however, the voices of Alex and Rolf are as different as can be, each adopting their own wonderful tone when they sing alone but it is in their stunning collaborative vocals that they truly find their strength, putting on an incendiary performance.

Their honed but hazy voices are complimented by an accompanying stylised but rustic musical score, allowing for their earnest, folky sound to permeate their music and echo through each song, giving way to softly composed orchestrations from a host of instruments. Cellos intersperse with mandolins and mandolins entwine themselves with oboes, and oboes carry themselves to other instruments. Eclectic and inspiring, their music is demonstrative not simply of their incredible musical talents or their lyrical skills, it is a testament to the passion they have for their music.

The album is markedly upbeat with a funky sound infusing itself into their folk-pop blend. Songs such as Don’t Want to Sleep Alone and Find a Way so soulful enough that they could encourage a dance from the most stolid non-mover but each song is also as engulfing and engaging that it can be purely enjoyed without the implicit need to dance. It’s music to muse to or music to move to, the decision is a tough one.

Shade of the Shadows might sound ominous but it’s far from it; it’s beguiling, enticing, practically hypnotic and thoroughly capable of communicating the comfort and solace that their surroundings offer them. It’s an album that’s so comfortable in its own skin that it warms you to the core.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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