Album Review: Tilly Moses – Alright & Adrift

Tilly Moses has been performing her unique and powerful brand of folk music since she was just thirteen and with each and every moment since she first picked up a mandolin she has gained in skill, strength and popularity. This year the immensely talented young singer-songwriter will be releasing her album Alight and Adrift, an uncanny masterpiece that will shake you to the core.

Alight and Adrift begins like the glowing embers of a fire; soft and gently spreading before you in the darkness. As Moses’s opening song Definitions opens up around you, you become aware of the raw and crackling power that is housed within her vocals. Moses has a deep, resonant and eloquently tender voice that seems to float right through you. What’s astounding is the depth of power that she carries within her voice. To listen to Moses is akin to listening to a forest fire that has been captured and tamed. Like crackling flames, her voice flickers out into the world as powerful, emotional and raw as an act of God. The wealth of emotion she retains within her powerhouse voice allows her to project her stories up to the heavens while her intellectual and concise lyrics create a rich tapestry of songs that reach right down into the depths of your heart.

Besides her mesmerising skills as a singer and songwriter Moses is also a charming and talented young musician with a timeless quality to her work. Surrounding herself with a wealth of sounds atop her sweet mandolin melodies from across all areas of folk Alight and Adrift is a wonderful collective of sounds that takes Celtic infused tunes and melds them together with medieval qualities and contemporary tunes alike. This culminates in a stunning new amalgamation of sound that is seamless and ageless feeling to it. Trilling whistles, dancing fiddles, dextrous mandolin melodies, resonant cello harmonies and the vibrant backing of the hurdy gurdy all combine like fuel to the fire to create a series of songs that are nothing short of mesmerising. The careful way in which Moses has stitched her rich music together with her earnest and ardent voice as well as the intelligent and emotional delivery of her words goes on to create one of the most honest and passionate albums of the year.

Despite her young age Tilly Moses has already been plying her trade for years and has constantly taken every opportunity to further her own skill and dexterity as a musician. The immense power and passion behind Alight and Adrift is immeasurable and with this release Moses has cemented herself as a name to watch out for.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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