Album Review: Threaded – Of What We Spoke

Of What We Spoke is the debut feature album from inspirational trio Threaded. The classically trained group have come together after meeting whilst playing with Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble to provide their own unique collection of charming and uplifting folk melodies that will leave your mind soaring alongside the birds in the sky.

The band is formed of three incredibly talented young musicians who have enveloped themselves in a reserved and eloquent sound that is carried predominantly by an almost minimal use of instruments. Opting to rely solely on an acoustic guitar, a violin and a clarinet the band have created a wondrous and astounding sound that spurns any reliance on deep bass lines or a torrent of drum beats. Their music somewhat stripped back and allows you to focus on each aspect they provide separately such as the likes of Ning-Ning Li’s charismatic violin melodies that will make your heart flutter. Their music opens out into the world like a road in the night, their journey speeds and slows as the road appears ahead of them and allows them to formulate an album that demands attention.

The love the group have for their music is etched deeply into their every note as the music they create flows as naturally and smoothly as a river. One of the most charming elements within their music is their heavy reliance on the drastically undervalued clarinet. So often neglected in today’s folk scene, this clarinet is wielded with impeccable talent by Rosie Bott as if it were a part of her own body. This natural flow of sound creates a series of soulful tunes that swirl together with the tight harmonies of her peers and create a vibrant and versatile collection. Their music gives a subtle nod to a variety of genres from folk to indie to orchestral and it shows their wealth of talent and the roots that each musician has spread far and wide.

To cap their talents off however is the fact that the band is comprised of a set of deeply talented vocalists. Lead by vocalist and guitarist Jamie Rutherford the band are able to back him up a series of harmonious medleys that carve themselves into your mind. Rutherford has a soft and versatile set of vocals that are richly adaptive and carry his deep emotional connection to his work. Soothing and calming his words often feel as though they are being spoken solely to you, giving their work a distinctly personal element. And when Rutherford doesn’t feel like applying his vocals to a song the band go all out to provide a set of rousing tunes such as Captain Markham which will have you bouncing out of your seat in a heartbeat.

Of What We Spoke is a marvellous debut from a band who bring their music to life with a grace and beauty that is normally reserved for the changing of the seasons. The trio take precision steps to blend their harmonies and melodies together to create a set of songs that are stunning and enthralling at every beat and will leave you waiting impatiently for more.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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