Album Review: Thea Gilmore – The Counterweight

Thea Gilmore is still one of the most breath-taking and spellbinding performers on the music circuit today. Her last album Ghosts and Graffiti was arguably one of the best albums of 2015 and this year see’s the release of her follow-up album The Counterweight.

Counterweight is a perfectly balanced collection of poetry, prose and passion as Gilmore’s music erupts into life in a flash of colour, painting scenes all around her with her powerful words. Gilmore has never been one to shy away from sensitive topics using her music as a catharsis for the world at large and Counterweight is no different in that respect. It is an album that doesn’t hold back and hits home loud and hard. Touching on everything from cyberbullying to school shootings, love and distance through social media and so much more. It is an album that shines a light on the darker areas of life; things that we don’t want to see and hear at times but all of these are brought to life with a passion and love that helps her press her thoughts right into your heart.

Gilmore has always been a versatile and evocative performer, unafraid of exploring and experimenting with her sounds and this album is no different as her music swells and undulates around you, ranging from grandiose orchestral scores to simple, tender melodies that are driven by softly plucked guitar strings. Ever adaptive, Gilmore cycles through a host of styles and genres as she catapults her music through pop, rock and folk with a wealth of influences in-between. Rich and versatile, her music is a vibrant, uplifting and powerful collection of tunes that bathes you in a soft and warming glow.

Uniting Gilmore’s emotional music and her spine-chilling tapestry of lyrics is her awe-inspiring vocals. Gilmore has some of the most powerfully passionate, smooth and soulful vocals on the folk scene today. Her honey sweetened voice is strong and yet also overwhelmingly tender – it carries within it an honesty and earnest nature that makes her every song sound deeply personal and immersive. Her stunning harmonies wind themselves around her music and make for some of the most soulful tunes in recent years.

Counterweight is a gently uplifting album that carries you on a whirlwind tour of Gilmore’s world and bathes you in the warming glow of her music. Rich, versatile and deeply evocative, Gilmore has lived up to her own phenomenal talent once again and produced an album that is already setting itself up to be seen as one of the best of 2017.

“New” is the second single from Thea Gilmore’s brand new album “The Counterweight”. Available to order here:

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Review by Joe Knipe

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