Album Review: Thea Gilmore – Regardless

Thea Gilmore a British female singer songwriter whose new album REGARDLESS is her 14th release in her career so far.  This is the first album to be released from this prolific song writer since the birth of her second son in 2011, its release has been eagerly anticipated following her single from the same album that hit the streets in April “Love Came Looking For Me”.  The main theme running through this album is an expression of love and expectations; Thea also touches on her thoughts of letting go of someone you care about so they can find their own way in life.  These sentiments have undoubtedly been brought about by reflection on the recent changes in her life.  Her talent for writing great lyrics hasn’t deserted her, they provide a thought provoking window in to her thoughts and her views as to the impact it has had on her life.

This album has a warm rich sound produced by a combination of strings and guitars that are accompanied by an understated percussion set.  Not what you would normally associate with Thea’s folk background and work to date, however her voice has not lost any of its poignancy and is demonstrated in abundance.  Probably the best example of this is the last track on the album “My Friend Good Bye” an emotional ballad that is ideally suited to Thea’s voice.  Throughout the album she effortlessly tracks the rhythm of each song and switching occasionally to a modulated scale and back again in doing so gives her a vast range to work with.  Probably the most memorable passages though, are those where she is singing almost alone with a slight reverberation and just the hint of a backing track.

The single released from this album is an upbeat song describing how often “love” looks for you rather than the other way about.  This is a catchy contemporary track with strong, clear lyrics it’s easy to see why this was chosen as a single.  Other tracks such as “I Will Not Disappoint” certainly don’t let the listener down, a beautiful track with haunting lyrics about not wanting to let someone down and showing them that you are there no matter what.  While this is probably the standout track on the album there are others not to be missed, “This Road” really demonstrates why Thea is so successful, show cases her considerable vocal range well, a tale of treading a worthwhile road and having the ability to passing on it’s learning.  The album opens with “Something To Sing About” high speed lyrics and a quick tempo reminiscent more maybe of sounds of the 80s.

A well-produced set of tracks with balanced vocals and great musical accompaniment, more at the commercial end of folk which would explain why it’s had plenty of air time on radio.  The album will certainly do well and will be a good addition to Thea’s back catalogue.  The album should attract fans from a wider base growing her fan base and introducing new admirers of her rich voice and intricate lyrical style.

You can catch Thea Gilmore live at the following venues….

June 7 Bristol Colston Hall (w/ John Cooper Clarke)

June 8 Liverpool Smooth Radio

June 9 London Palladium (w/ John Cooper Clarke)

June 21 Edinburgh Pleaseance Theatre

July 7 Sheffield City Hall Ballroom

July 11 Shoreham By Sea Ropetackle Centre

July 13 Gloucester Guildhall

July 14 Winchester Winchester Discovery Centre

July 27 Cambridge Folk Festival

August 17 Exeter Beautiful Day Festival

August 26 Cheltenham Green Belt Festival


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Review by Andy Weller