Album Review: The Sheepdogs – Changing Colours

Hailing from the furthest reaches of Saskatchewan in Canada, The Sheepdogs have been treading stages across the globe for more than 11 years to date. This year saw the release of their latest monumental achievement, Changing Colours; a liberating journey through their proud and classic style of rock.

Changing Colours is a particularly refreshing album because it isn’t reliant on any one particular aspect of their charismatic showmanship. There is an invigorating feeling in the way that the group so casually flick between the subtle styles that oversee everything they do. One moment they are a classic rock band with an overwhelming abundance of talent and energy and then the next they are drilled by a powerful gospel and blues rock. This seemingly effortless switch should be jarring in places but it always feels invariably natural. Instead the band have embraced their rich rock heritage and never strayed far from their roots – at times you can almost hear the likes of AC/DC screaming within them – but rather than stray down other paths they have taken their favourites aspects and intertwined them with their trademark style to deliver a series of songs that feel quite unique.

Their rich and energetic collection of songs has something in it for everyone. There is country, rock, blues and more – elements from a variety of influences have been loving deconstructed and reassembled into something new and exciting. Changing Colours can be either the perfect introduction for a new fan or a perfect gift for an old one. The result is a well balanced and versatile album that you can match to any mood. If you want to have a few beers, stomp your feet and have a dance after a bad day then this is an album for you. But if you want to quietly relax and let go, this is still an album for you. This grandeur and versatility allows you to lose yourself in their music that can be as chilled and calm as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or as volatile as a right hook to the chin. It is an ever impressive album with a series of dextrous and painfully catchy riffs that will sit carefully with you for days.

With such a dextrous collection of guitar melodies and earnest basslines all carefully overlapping each other with an increasingly articulate fashion the result is an album that is light and jovial but also capable of packing a punch. There is a warmth and familiarity to their music that is only enhanced by their charmed and powerful voices. Definitely not an album to be missed.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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