Album Review: The Resonant Rogues – Autumn of the World

The Resonant Rogues are truly modern-day troubadours who have traversed the world over from their mountain home in Western North Carolina in the USA to Australia, Europe, Turkey and the length and breadth of the US itself. Their independent and whimsical tenacity has lead them on a never-ending journey of self-discovery as the duo ceaselessly tour and write in a never-ending cycle.

The latest fruit of their labour is the mesmerising and uplifting Autumn of the World which a rich and experimental album that melds together such a head-swimmingly chaotic collection of genres that it would seem almost unfeasible to bring them all together as they have done and yet the very proof is undeniable. Their bold and contemporary sound stems from the fact that when they tour and see other parts of the world, they also absorb some of the local culture. A new riff here, a new line there…the result is a worldly combination that fuses together European, Middle Eastern and American folk music together with an intrinsic country blend that gives them a completely timeless notion as they sound simultaneously innovative and traditional.

Lead by partners Sparrow and Keith J. Smith, The Resonant Rogues bring a vintage style to life that has absorbed every genre from every country around the globe and brings it to life with decadent and jazzy numbers that are driven by fiddle, upright bass, guitar, accordion and so much more as they turn their hands to a variety of sounds to create a wealth of luxurious songs. Songs such as Following the Sun seem to have traces of old gypsy folk melodies lingering in the depths while other songs like Duelling with the Demons are peppered with almost Latin infused jazz numbers reminiscent of something in-between Atun Opic and a mariachi number. The fact is simply that Sparrow and Smith are a duo who cannot be contained within one mere genre or country. They are world-bound hedonists with all the passion and talent that they need to take the world by storm.

The greatest thing about Autumn of the World is the fact that the album is unequivocally and unarguably the most fun you can have with your headphones in. A rich tapestry of sound comes swirling from their fingertips and alongside their angelic harmonies it is impossible not to find yourself completely transfixed and mesmerised by their astounding melodies. One of the finest albums of the year so far it is an immeasurable and grandiose album that packs an atmosphere like the whole Royal Albert Hall.

The Resonant Rogues · July 2019 · UK Tour

Wed 3


The Atkinson – Studio

Thu 4


Cafe #9

Fri 5


Maverick Festival 2019

Sat 6


Maverick Festival 2019

Sun 7


Maverick Festival 2019

Fri 12

Rudrynr. Caerphilly

Rudry Music Festival

Sat 13


Green Note

Sun 14


Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

Mon 15


The Bell Inn

Thu 18


The Hyde Tavern

Fri 19


Fanny’s Meadow Festival

Fri 26

Worth Matraversnr. Swanage

The Square & Compass

Sat 27


Beer and Bluegrass Festival


Review by Joe Knipe


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