Album Review: The Luck – Ready to Run

Ready to Run is the debut album from the truly mesmerising brother-sister duo The Luck and it is one of the most relentlessly positive and uplifting albums of the year to date. The pair have mastered the fine art of blending genres together and created an album that is every bit as much folk as it is pop, opening you up to a new definition of sound.

Folk music has long been one of the most broad genres around with its subtle and malleable constraints it has been stitched into the fabric of thousands of artists from across the globe and each year it seems to change anew, transcending itself again and again. The Luck are in essence the poster child to this constant evolution as they seem to plant themselves firmly inside a realm dominated by indie-pop but it’s the folk atmosphere that you can feel as they perform. Ready to Run opens with its title track and sends a spine-tingling sense awe and wonderment washing over you. As the pair unfold their music around you it’s reminiscent of the first step inside a fun fair or carnival as a child; bold flashing lights, loud noises and a million new things to look at and explore. This child-like desire to explore and see everything that they have to offer is an intrigue that is rarely found in music. They use their jubilant music and tender lyrics to completely transform not only the soundscape they paint for you, but your whole day.

The Luck’s infectious folk-pop melodies aren’t their entire repertoire however as Ready to Run also incorporates songs such as Place in the Sun; chilling and hauntingly beautiful songs that strip themselves away from their grandiose and jovial sounds and instead delve deeper into the rich folk vein that runs through their work. Focussing on heart-rending violins melodies and tingling piano melodies it allows their crystalline and warm vocals to wash over you like the light of the sun. The duo seem to have drawn a whole host of influences from Jonsi to Laura Marling and on to Lissie with everything in-between. They have carefully constructed layer upon layer of infusions to create an album crammed with delicate and stunning tracks that empower you to chase your dreams.

There is something so powerfully inspirational in Ready to Run. No matter the day, the weather or the atmosphere it is an album that isn’t only catchy but catching. You can’t help but be bolstered by their dancing jubilance and tender voices – no matter what you are facing The Luck are there to help you face the day with a smile.



Review by Joe Knipe


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