Album Review: The Last Dinosaur – The Nothing

The Last Dinosaur have been steadily making music together for nigh on ten years now and as you listen to the cohesion and emotion within their latest album The Nothing it is clear that these years together have sent them from strength to strength.

When presented with an album entitled The Nothing you can easily be forgiven for believing that the content might be a little more melancholic than most but that’s a rapidly debunked myth with The Last Dinosaur. Their haunting music fuelled by tender violins and soft organs might not readily identify with the term cheerful but there is something fresh and invigorating in their music that leaves you feeling somewhat uplifted. There is a perfectly, almost natural charm to songs such as The Body Collapse which is filled with a powerful variety of sounds that seem to layer themselves around you like a time-lapse. Their sound is rich and powerful, almost colourful in its nature as the trio take soft and subtle melodies and paint a vision of colour swirling all around them. There is a freshness and rejuvenating element to their work that makes The Nothing a perfect album for a summer evening.

This music that they have crafted so carefully can feel akin to standing in the eye of a storm. The effects are soft and subtle and yet just a hairs breadth away there is a swirling vortex of sound that is always ready to show you the true raw power it wields. Their songs are layers upon layers of sounds – deeply textured and relentlessly dextrous their songs seem to take their undulating form with a style and grace that is inimitable. Adding yet another layer to their already overwhelming songs are the occasional tender vocal stylings they employ that come to you almost like a whisper. Soft and emotional, their voices drift through the songs as though they were being whisked away on the breeze and the result is a series of songs that feel deeply personal and wildly impassioned.

Sharing none of the prehistoric violence associated with their 1977 film counterpart, The Last Dinosaur are a quiet and reflective band with a burning passion for their music and the driving talent to make it a reality. The Nothing is a flawless and soul catching album that will doubtless stir the hearts and minds of thousands.

All My Faith is taken from the album The Nothing


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Review by Joe Knipe

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