Album Review: The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band – The Silence in Between

Never mind sex, drugs and rock & roll, The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band don’t have any intentions of walking such a tired line so instead they have opted to tread the more unique and apt line of folk, roots and rock & roll.

This self-branded tagline is a clear indicator of what you can come to expect from the band. They are the embodiment of folk and roots with a rich vein in rock buried within their work and a jaunty, playful nature that can be heard throughout their latest album The Silence in Between. Having carefully constructed a rich blend of folk, roots, rock, country and even traces of blues, the band makes for a refreshing collection of tunes that in the hands of another band might become bastardised and forced into a life as a heavy rock ballad but instead the band play with a subtle hand and produce tunes that are as light as the air and as soft as a cloud. That’s not to say however that their music is on the quiet side, in fact it’s far from it. Blazing a trail with big, bold tunes the band bring driven bass lines, deft mandolin melodies and earnest fiddles to life alongside tender guitar tunes and tentative whistles. The whole effect is that of a rock ballad that has been scaled back and tamed to become something a lot more gentle and uplifting.

The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band might well have all the makings of a big rock band but instead they restrain themselves, allowing them to create an album where each and every note is heard and appreciated. You can lose yourself in their music and still never miss a beat. The Silence in Between is softly elevating and inspirational but at times it does unshackle the band and lets them grow before you as their sound swells and expands until you do finally hear them at the full force of their playful nature. The burning passion each member of the band plays with is the driving force behind their music but leading this is none other than the stunning and unique vocals of Jon Palmer himself. With an evocative voice that seems to sit somewhere between contemporary indie and the polished 50s style of Buddy Holly , his vocals are an enviable and joyous experience that allows his love of his work to shine through is his every word.

The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band are a finely tuned and carefully collected band of talented musicians who each have an immense and indispensable talent. Combining this group in one room however and you get a powerhouse band that is ready to take on the world.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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