Album Review: The Goat Roper Rodeo Band – Hail the Remedy

Goat Roper Rodeo - Hail the RemedyThe Goat Roper Rodeo Band are one of the most phenomenal Americana country-blues bands that are on the circuit today. Their uplifting, roof-raising style of country swing has put them in high demand up and down the country as they spread their infectious harmonies and melodies far and wide.

Opting to keep things simple, the trio utilise just two acoustic guitars and one double bass and they have been steadily taking the country by storm as they breathe fresh life in the country genre in the UK. Nominated for multiple awards, including best UK Live Act by Spiral Earth they have been putting in the work getting their work recorded whilst embarking on a country-hopping tour that is cementing their incredible status throughout the rest of Europe too.

Their debut album Hail the Remedy is filled with a rich collection of country-blues that are rife with Southern American charms. Like listening to an old fashioned barn dance in Kentucky it fills you with a bubbling energy when you listen to it. Their album equally proves that they are capable of carrying off more sedate and tender blues tunes such as The Devil’s in the Details as well as their ripping, fast-paced medleys such as Whiskey Lullaby and Next Time Around.

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The Goat Roper Rodeo Band are complimented by the uniquely distinctive American twang adopted by the trio. Their voices harmonise perfectly, entwining together to give way to a vocal talent that comes across as one consolidated and charming American voice. Add this to their quick-finger guitar medleys and deep, thrumbling bass lines and they are as unique as they come. With such a well-defined US sound to their act it’s difficult to believe that they ever hailed from the UK.

Hail the Remedy is a perfect introduction to their rapid-fire country songs, twitching with a gloriously unrestrained energy that makes them such an eager and bouncing band to listen to. Capable of creating songs that make you dance as well as make you think they are maintaining a unique position on the music scene today as one of the most demanded country-blues trios around.

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Joe Knipe