Album Review: Tannara – Trig

tannara-album-coverTrig is the debut album from contemporary Scottish folk artists Tannara; a collection of artists who have taken their influence from across a variety of Scottish folk sounds throughout the country and brought them all together to create their own unique and enchanting blend.

Trig is predominantly a musical affair with very little in the way of vocal styling’s. Rather it is the amalgamation of the guitar tunes of Owen Sinclair, the stunningly plucked harp of Becca Skeoch, the accordion of Joseph Peach and the fiddle of Cameron Ross. However, whilst the vocal tracks are few and far between, this doesn’t make them any less impressive. The vocals are raw and powerful, provided by Sinclair the words float to life with a rough Scottish lilt that gives each and every word a feeling of character.

Tannara excel musically with a loud and raucous presence that cannot be ignored. They combine their traditional medleys and ballads with a breath of fresh, contemporary air and bring them forth into the world with a thrashing musical score. They have a musical score that vies for attention at every twist and turn, each instrument crashing up against the other in unison. Each and every song however still sounds as if it has spent years in the making, it never sounds busy or overwhelming it simply sounds consistently powerful. The music comes crashing down like waves on a cragged cliff face and just like the ocean each wave works in tandem with the one before it in a constant swirling motion. The overall effect of course is the production of a series of songs that feel as raw and powerful as the sea itself.

Trig is a stunning collection of songs that can make you sway, make you swing, make you dance. It’s an exemplary collection of songs that are rife with the powerful sounds of the sea and infused with a rich Celtic tone. This is an album that is not to be missed.

Watch the video for ‘When First I Came to Caledonia’ by Tannara

Review by Joe Knipe

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