Album Review: Sound Of The Sirens – For All Our Sins

Sound of the Sirens are one of the most charmingly engaging female folk-rock duos who are working on the music circuit today. It has been with bated breath for many a month that we have been waiting for the release of their debut album For All Our Sins and we were so far from disappointed.

Sound of the Sirens are driven by a pair of the most versatile and rivetting vocals in the music business today. The vocal stylings of Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood are as crisp and clear as the driven snow but as warm and beguiling as a soft summers breeze. Each of the pair carries their own overwhelmingly powerful charm within their rich, honey tones but when the pair combine their talents they create harmonies that are on the cusp of becoming other-worldly. Their voices are stunning and sweet, overflowing with passion and power and it is with this that the duo bring their worlds swirling to life around you.

Martin and Wood have enveloped themselves and their voices within a marvellous vortex of sound that is so rich and vibrant that to close your eyes you just see a hurricane of colours. Their jubilance and soul-touching melodies are wildly contagious and you can feel yourself bolstered and elevated with every moment. Brimming with life, their music has the power to bring summer to life the whole year round and every song conjures up images of idyllic gardens bathed in sunlight and bursting with colour and sound. Their music is so carefully crafted that it feels as natural as the tide. The pair aren’t afraid to experiement in their music and versatile mandolins meet their match in soft acoustic guitar tunes and more as their music winds itself around you. For All Our Sins has a uniquely personal and sentimental feeling to it, as though the whole album was written just for you. It’s an invogorating invitation into their music.

For All Our Sins is one of the best albums to have come out of 2017 so far. It’s a stunning and versatile look at life that is lead by a pair of vocalists who harmonise on a scale that is out of this world. The accompanying music is charmingly jubilant and leaves you with a spring in your step that only gets greater with every song. Should Sound of the Sirens ever opt to live up to their name there would be no end to the numbers they could charm astray.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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