Album Review: Siobhan Wilson – Glorified Demons

Siobhan Wilson - Glorified DemonsSiobhan Wilson, also known as Ella the Bird, has been increasing in notoriety over many months; her sweet and soulful vocals have sent thousands of hearts soaring with her increasing radio performances and her latest EP Glorified Demons.

Wilson has recently been in increasing demand for her services throughout various platforms for the BBC, indeed she has her own section on their BBC Introducing page here. This coverage has been nothing if not well deserved as Wilson has a wonderful and whimsical talent that has distant echoes of Rosie Thomas. Her gentle Scottish lilt wraps itself around her words and carries them like lines from a fairy tale. Her soft and tender, ever so slightly smoky vocals have a dreamlike quality to them to further enhances this fable feeling.

Her music comes across as simple and earthy, as if she truly is performing in a true Brothers Grimm tale – her elegant and enchanting voice reaches out like a breeze through a forest. Softly plucked guitar strings that sound more akin to a harp intermingle with evocative violins and soothing piano medleys. Close your eyes and you could be in any time or place. There is something undeniably magical about her work, her clear and earnest voice cutting straight to your heart and encapsulating you with her beguiling music.

Glorified Demons is an EP that veers between the simple and sweet with songs such as Laugh + Die; minimalistic tunes that exemplify Wilson’s stunning vocals above all else and then these are accompanied by songs such as All Dressed Up which increase the pace of the EP without ever compromising on her charming melodies. The EP at times can feel almost ethereal, a collection of tenderly haunting songs that wash over you imparting once again a feeling of listening to a contemporary fairy tale.

Glorified Demons is a truly eloquent, captivating and delightful introduction to the world and work of Siobhan Wilson. Like following a winding path through a forest you have the chance to experience something new and exciting at every twist and turn of the road. Her voice flitters throughout her songs with a transcendental beauty that is simply unsurpassable.

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Joe Knipe