Album Review: Serpentyne – Myths and Muses

Serpentyne - Myths and MusesSerpentyne have been getting progressively bigger throughout Europe in recent months and listening to their first feature album Myths and Muses their daily growing fan base is clearly growing with good reason. They are the very personification of the word fantastical.

Their unique and distinctive music is a fascinating amalgamation of blurred lines between a variety of genres. They incorporate an ever expansive collection of music that delves into rock, techno, folk and ties them all together with an expressive collection of medieval tunes. They are a bountiful and forceful sound that conjures images of a mythological beast rearing its head in the modern age. They are a contemporary adaptation of a vast collection of myths and spells. This peculiar brand of techno-medieval-folk-rock is rousing and uplifting, bursting with energy throughout.

Their music is an eclectic combination that is demonstrative not only of their phenomenal skills but of their daring attitudes as they show no restraint in combining so many musical attributes to create indefinable songs that are able to transcend both time and space. Songs such as Boudicca summon images of an ancient castle in medieval times whereas songs such as Alexandria has a whimsical, Arabian feeling to it that makes it feel like it has been ripped straight from the streets of a distant Eastern land.

Led vocally by the silky, smooth and evocative tones of Maggie-Beth Sand each song is accompanied by her voice that could easily charm a snake. Indeed so much of their album is filled with a mesmeric music that can enchant you far more than any charmed cobra. Myths and Muses is a stunningly versatile album filled with haunting beauty and medieval medleys that are fused with virulent rock-techno melodies that is quite unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. They develop their talents with each and every song, combining a collection of wondrous instruments from around the globe; fiddles, harmoniums, hurdy-gurdys, bouzoukis, flutes and even didgeridoos combine as one showing that there is nothing that they are unable to turn their talented hands to. These daring compositions create you a wonderfully uplifting and energising album that simply cannot be ignored.

Serpentyne seem to have absorbed a vast collection of myths, legends and tales from all across the lands and regenerated them into a contemporary band that defies categorisation, that defied expectations, that defies time itself. They are a band of mythic proportions and Myths and Muses is the perfect introduction to their tale.

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Joe Knipe

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