Album Review: Robin Adams – The Garden

Robin Adams - The GardenThe Garden is the latest offering from Scottish folk singer Robin Adams. Filled with gentle, tender lyrics and a subtle collection of music it’s an offering that anyone would find difficult to refuse.

The music employed by Adams throughout the album is soft and subtle, at times almost appearing to be understated and minimalist. However, when paired with his kindly Scottish lilt it somehow brings the music across loud and clear. The music itself has a capacity to sound both tender and uplifting, akin to being somewhere between the music of Sufjan Stevens and Nick Drake. He favours dextrous acoustic guitar melodies in each of his songs but these are often accompanied by a rumbling double bass, haunting violin medleys and soft drumbeats. These all combine to create a series of tunes that will etch themselves into your hearts.

Adams himself has a soft and kindly voice that is deeply evocative, filled with raw emotion and passion for this work. You can hear his strong beliefs in each word he sings as his lyrics take you across a journey of various unsightly topics that many avoid. The Garden is an album that is able to deftly carry within it a sense of both wonder and heartache. Your heartstrings are played as easily as the thrumbling double bass that haunts songs such as Right to Run. These songs are rich and emotive, they carry the weight of the world within them and yet they wash across you without overpowering you. Adams has a phenomenal talent for shedding light on unsavoury topics without overstretching and coming across as preaching. Instead the album comes across in places as strangely uplifting – songs such as Street – a touching ode to homelessness has one of the most upbeat and catchy tunes on the album.

The Garden is an album that is far more beautifully constructed than any tangible garden of flowers; contemplative, passionate and powerful it presents you with the highs and lows of life that you might otherwise avoid. His soft, smoky vocals accompany this to bring you a charming album that is simply not to be missed.

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Joe Knipe

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