Album Review: People Like You – Verse

Having listened to this album twice over, People Like You transcend the genres of jazz, math rock and indie, amalgamating this album into a great fusion record. They’re reminiscent of bands such as Tubelord and lesser known Clever Girl in their approach whom utilise odd time signatures supplemented with eerie brass tones which fit into place within the album. The two intertwining vocals work extremely well, adding harmonies and octaves to one another. Accompanied with the added melodic guitar riffs and complex drum beats which are all playing slightly differently but function as a group. The album is a credit to the mixing which allows you to hear the clarity of each interlocking instrument.

Verse gives you the fun side of math rock but also entertains the echo tones which bands within the college rock scene do extremely well. People Like You utilise strong aggressive starts with high energy drum fills and heavy riffs then divulge into a soft echo outro with delicate reverbs and softer drum sounds. This can certainly be said for the track “The Baker” which is one of my favourite tracks from the album as it has the upbeat qualities which I enjoyed from bands such as Tubelord. Not to say that all of the record utilises this structure, but it certainly builds up a fast beginning and then brings the song to a peaceful closure.

The almost flamenco guitar echoes give off a pulsating progressive feel to the music, accompanying the mesmeric singing which allows the record to nicely go in between soft and heavy sections.

People Like You give you the feeling of positivity which is also counteracted by the laid back melodic guitars and vocals. It brings me back to my favourite jazz – indie records which have been released over the years. I am glad that bands are still trying to search for new ways of expanding their material to transcend different genres and produce records which take their music down different avenues during the album’s duration. This is something People Like You have exercised effectively during the recording of this record.

People Like You are currently on tour, and I am envious that they’re not playing in the UK!

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Review by James Tunstall

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