Album Review: Paul Brady – Unfinished Business

Paul Brady is an Irish singer-songwriter who is known across the land for a variety of roles within a series of bands, musical projects and solo ventures since the early 1960s. With more than 50 years of experience within the music industry it is little wonder that golden songs seem to burst forth from his fingertips as he creates soulful melodies with rich infusions of a wealth of genres.

With his latest solo release Unfinished Business Brady takes his decades of experience and puts them to work in the form of expertly blending genres with all the ease and confidence of an expert bartender making their specialty. Brady is a master mixologist with a keen ear that has helped him to shape and form an album that is composed of eleven earnest and passionate songs that will move you, heart and mind. Carefully combining just the right trace amounts of folk, country, pop and jazz, Brady creates a harmonious but almost minimalistic collection that will both soothe and excite you. His stripped back style is beautiful as his songs all have the perfect blend set within them and there isn’t a wasted note. It allows you to truly focus your attention on his soft and tender tunes that seem to drift like clouds in the sky.

Brady tenderly plucks the strings on his guitar and this forms the backbone of his body of work but this is carefully overlaid with a body of instruments from around the world, lending his music an infusion of sound. One moment the album opens with a rich and sultry jazz number like Unfinished Business but the next it has transmuted into a soft and subtle folk melody. Brady’s voice is rich, soft and familial – there is a depth and warmth to it that can’t help but put you at ease. His earnest Irish lilt flows through his songs like water. Versatile and mesmerising, his voice adapts with all the ease of his music – as seamless, fluid and unstoppable as the flow of time itself.

Unfinished Business is exactly what it says on the tin. Despite the perfect collection of songs that Brady has collated here, from his songs you can hear that he is a perfectionist with a burning desire to play and his business here is far from done. It is an album for whatever the weather, be your desire for blues or jazz, folk or pop; Unfinished Business has it all.

Following the release of Unfinished Business, Paul will play a one-off show at London’s Cadogan Hall on Tuesday 26th September

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Review by Joe Knipe

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