Album Review: Mt. Wolf – Aetherlight

Aetherlight is the latest album from experimental folk rockers Mt. Wolf and it is nothing short of of a marvellous, majestic masterpiece. One of the most astounding and inspirational albums to come out in years, it is a awe-inspiring album that will grip you like a vice.

Bold and brazen, Aetherlight is an album that is unabashed and unafraid to experiment with its sounds and to slip its toes across a dozen genre lines blurring genres and influences alike to produce something that is absolutely perfect. Their style and sound crashes and changes like the tide, filling the air with a stunning collection of grandiose songs that absorb and envelops you with their rich orchestral score. Their booming scores are utterly enthralling as they meld them carefully with experimental drum machine beats, terse electric guitar medleys and electronic chill out stylings that are reminiscent of the likes of Paraelle Stripes. The most incredible feat of all is that the band are somehow able to pull this off in a way that sounds effortlessly natural and create a series of songs that can catch your breath.

Mt. Wolf’s wonderfully rock tinged sounds share as much in common with chillout music as they do with rock and pop and they leave you with a deep sense of peace and calm. Complimenting and enhancing this is their astonishing vocal stylings that seem to reach high are low in the same note with a whimsical and almost fairy tale quality to it that is evocative of the likes of Sigur Ros. Their captivating and elegant vocals help to paint a stunning portrait of the world around them – a vibrant collection of images that seem to swirl and shimmer before your very eyes, as thought you are swallowed by their tales and transported to some distant foreign shore. Rich and soothing, the band overlay their music with the beautiful and tender harmonies the produce an album that could move mountains.

Watch the stunning new video for ‘Heavenbound’

Aetherlight is one of the most stunning experimental albums in years. It’s a charming and versatile amalgamation of emotional songs that place a bow firmly on your heartstrings and let rip. But their tender and almost melancholic songs are deep and soothing, inspiring and formative. They provoke a deep thought from the cloud they sit you on and leave you wondering how it is you’re supposed to get down.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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