Album Review: Mount Song – Mount Song

Mount Song is the new and exciting venture from the multi-talented band lead by Swedish singer-songwriter Jacob Johansson. You may very well know him as the man behind the immensely critically acclaimed album born from his previous musical project, Det Stora Monstret which was promptly crowned the Swedish album of the year upon its release back in 2014.

The time that has lapsed between then and now however has clearly not been spent in vain and must surely have been devoted to polishing his already considerable talents even more. The result of years of hard work is an album that contains a calm collection of songs that have an undeniable edge to them and a beat that you can feel in your chest. The music of Mount Song is soft and it is tender, whilst at the same time retaining a raw, almost untamed element that carries as much power within it as its namesake mountain. This raw power hits you like a landslide and creates a tumultuous collection of songs that harness such a wealth of influences from across the globe that it will leave you awe-struck. These influenced combinations come together seamlessly to create a sound that it riveting, unique and despite the power has the capability of touching your heart.

Mount Song contains such a stunning amalgamation of musical influences that it becomes borderline indescribable in its own right. Trying to categorise such an invigorating collection of sounds is a Herculean task and it is far easier to just forget that genres exist and to let the music flow around you like the breeze and allow it to carry you away into a newly developed world of sounds. So many traces exist within his work from sombre indie sounds to rock and pop, incorporating the sounds of psychedelic 60s folk music and even slight hints of grunge. Johansson’s voice is soft and tender, yet firm and evocative; at times it can feel as if he is channelling the charm of the likes of Andy Shauf or Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. His vocals are also brimming with passion and they are carried with such a flare that they distinguish themselves from the incredible music that surrounds him. Rocky tunes and heavy drum beats drift along next to tender melodies and despite all the unkempt power in his work there is something that is charmingly understated and tender within each and every song.

Mount Song is an album that has been pieced together over time by an incredibly talented musician with a stunning attention to detail. Years of work are packed into every chord and the result is a heady blend of influences that swirl together to create a charming and eloquent album that will leave your toes tapping and your heart pumping.

Listen to the lead single ‘Halo’

Review by Joe Knipe

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