Album Review: Molly Tuttle – When You’re Ready

Considering her young age it’s shocking to think that Molly Tuttle has already been active on the music scene for almost 13 years. Having made history as the first ever female winner of the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Guitar Player of the Year award back in 2017. A feat which she promptly repeated in 2018.

This year saw the release of her latest piece of solo work, When You’re Ready; a beautiful and tender homage to bluegrass throughout the ages. Her unique style of cross-picking guitar drives the power behind her sound and in her latest album everything seems to be steeped in emotion. Her melodies are soft, tender and charmingly natural despite her having enough power behind her strings to light up a city. Unlike some of her modern-day counterparts, Tuttle concentrates on a more minimal stylistic type of music, surrounding her carefully plucked strings with sombre fiddle tunes and gently tinkling pianos. The result is an album that feels like stepping out into a rolling green meadow in the warm spring sunshine. This beautiful, harmonious nature is something that Tuttle has nurtured over years, charming everyone she comes into contact with. Even a heart of stone could be moved by her music and with When You’re Ready is a passionate and evocative powerhouse of an album that will rock you to the core.

On top of her careful compositions Tuttle has a truly remarkable voice that touches you like a lullaby. Gently soaring around you her vocals are sweet and honeyed, packed with an almost tremulous emotion that is aching to be released. When she opens her mouth, it is a pure and unadulterated light that comes forth, vibrant and uplifting in even the most melancholic of times. The versatility that Tuttle brings to life in When You’re Ready is a fascinating blend of bluegrass and folk-pop. At times she shares a similar vein to folk favourite Rosie Thomas with songs like Light Came, it’s a warming sense of familiarity while also retaining her own unique style. Her bluegrass isn’t quite like anything you have heard before; it’s not simply that it’s a contemporary rendition but also that she so effortlessly fuses herself into the folk-pop genres alongside it. Big, dancing melodies burst forth with elements that you wouldn’t always expect to find.

Molly Tuttle is a musical and lyrical genius with golden fingertips and an even more golden voice. She surrounds herself with a collection of songs that betray your expectations at every turn. With a beautiful but unpredictable nature she has made When You’re Ready into a journey that everyone should go on.

APRIL 10 – Kitchen Garden Café – Birmingham (SOLD OUT)
APRIL 11 – Night & Day Café – Manchester
APRIL 12 – Bristol Folk House – Bristol (SOLD OUT)
APRIL 13 – St. Lawrence Church – Biddulph
APRIL 14 – The Stables – Milton Keynes (SOLD OUT)
APRIL 16 – The Lexington – London (SOLD OUT)
APRIL 17 – The Forge at the Anvil – Basingstoke (SOLD OUT)
APRIL 18 – The Greystones – Sheffield
APRIL 19 – Live Room – Saltaire
APRIL 20 – Sage Gateshead – Gateshead

Review by Joe Knipe

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