Album Review: Michael McDermott – Willow Springs

Willow Springs is the latest offering from smoky voiced acoustic country-folk-rocker Michael McDermott and there’s every chance that this might just be his best album yet.

McDermott is man with a stunning musical talent and ability. He is one of those enigmatic artists who is able to deftly fracture the edges of his music and bleed new life into a flourished fusion of genres. The presiding element in his work is arguably country which rings out through each and every song as clearly as a bell. Rich and vibrant harmonica medleys combine with deep, thrumbling bass and deftly plucked banjo and guitar strings. But then there is a wonderful vein of contemporary rock that seems to pump life into each and every song.

Of course, although this element alone may be more than enough to tempt you, McDermott has a voice that is perfectly suited to his music and he combines the two in what feels like an effortless affair creating a set of truly remarkable songs. Smoky, gravelly and practically whisky tinged, his voice has a deep resonance within country music whilst fusing it slightly with the vocals of a young Bob Dylan. These rich vocals overlay each and every track, stimulating visions of dusty American highways and deserted bars.

If you’ve never heard of McDermott before then today is your lucky day and Willow Springs is the perfect album to acquaint yourself with his work. Rich, tender and lively, his songs will have you up and out of your seat in no time.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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