Album Review: Michael Baker – Dust & Bone

Michael Baker has been working steadily and tirelessly over the last few years to make a name for himself and indeed it is definitely a name worth knowing. 2016 see’s the release of his latest album Dust & Bone; a soft and tender collection of powerful indie-folk-rock songs that have been brought to life in a truly mesmeric fashion.

It’s safe to say that Baker likes to blur the lines in his work and with Dust & Bone he has done so with style. A vivid amalgamation of indie-folk and rock come together with a contemporary electronic undertone which is carried further by an almost gospel feeling as rich, evocative organs flow behind his words. His music is soft and sweet, deeply moving and peaceful and yet it can also burst forth in a mad rush of power. The way the music swells and burst around his words it can feel as if you are in the eye of a hurricane – deep bass lines and heavy drums envelop you but never quite where you expect them to be. The result of this is an enigmatic and enchanting composition that you’re totally captivated by.

Of course it also helps that Baker has a totally encapsulating voice and when he combines this with the beautiful songs such as Revolving Doors and Dust & Bone he creates some of the most charming and tender songs you could hope to hear. His vocals are soft but brimming with passion and are deeply powerful in their earnest and eager honesty. Rich and soothing, Baker is able to craft his songs, applying his vocals sparingly where needed and allowing them to burst forth at a moments notice. The grandiose flourishes he applies to his songs are not dissimilar to the likes of Arcade Fire giving the impression that Baker is a one man musical army.

Rife with tender melodies, Dust & Bone is a wonderfully uplifting album that gives the impression that the power of nature itself has been harnessed and confined to a record. It’s a beautiful collection of songs that will stick with you long after the last track has ended.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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