Album Review: Megson – Contradicshun

Contradicshun is the latest eagerly anticipated album from the harmonious folk act Megson. Formed of husband and wife duo Debs and Stu Hanna, the band concentrate on a collection of rich and elegant tunes that all go to create a spellchecks worst nightmare.

Megson are frankly a transcendent act with a world of talent at their fingertips. They work their magic within the deep and rich vein of folk music but they pair it carefully and considerately with sprinklings of contemporary and versatile tunes. This arresting collection will leave you swaying like trees in the breeze while their stunning and natural beauty swirls around you. Contradiction is a meandering and almost poignant fairy tale that brings you ambling through pathways, meadows and creeks with an elegant and inspirational beauty in the work they produce. They gently mix daring fusions of sound together to meld songs that overlap and flesh them out ever-further. Songs like Voice of the Nation have a powerful maritime theme to them as their jaunty banjo melodies and dancing accordion melodies douse you like crashing waves on the deck of a ship.

There is a perfectly balanced blend that is produced by this enigmatic pair and the music that they produce is nothing shy of an art form. They combine their otherworldly musical talents with their distinctive and unique abilities for crafting stories with soul and character. As their whimsical, soulful and completely devoted voices spin their tales you can’t help but find their words getting under your skin. This is perhaps why their opening gambit Are You Sitting Comfortably is such a perfect and poignant introduction as it has a soft, lullaby tune but lyrics that hit like a brick. Starting off as a tale of modern day life and the story of a mundane routine there is something in there that feels like you’ve swallowed a rock as you gradually come to realise that no matter which way you look at it, this song is about you. Theirs are songs that can wash over you or they can move you if you open yourself up to them.

Megson are an astonishing and infallible act with a true passion and drive behind them that allows them to craft songs that border on divine. Their soulful vocals can bring a grown man out in goose bumps as they combine them with their earnest and ardent music. Contradicshun can be sombre at times but it can also be wildly uplifting and it’s a journey that you won’t regret a step of.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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