Album Review: Matt Stockl

Singer/Songwriter Matt Stockl is a new naMatt Stocklme on the Berkshire music scene. Think Jim Moray having a jam in a bar with Tom Waits and that will give you an idea of Matt’s style.

His self produced new album is packed with creative, thought provoking songs. The opening track ‘A Problem Shared’ kicks off with atmospheric electronica and builds into an enchanting song with the great line of ‘I batten down the hatches and shun the world outside, because a problem shared is a problem multiplied’.

What I really enjoy about Matt Stockl’s music is that there is so much going on, and each song is jam packed with lyrics that there is no chance of getting bored off. Prime examples of this are ‘Consonant Please’ and ‘So Long Livingstone’.

‘Laugh yourself Feral’ pokes fun at celebrity reality shows and the haunting ‘Three Tears’ is simply poetic. ‘Drain the Lake’ is an upbeat song with a rock’n’roll beat and a great Hammond organ backing. The final track is a reworking of the classic blues song ‘St James Infirmary’ which Matt adds his own distinctive vocal style to and is a great piece of storytelling.

Overall this fine set of eight songs introduces us into the wonderful world of a exciting new songwriter, storyteller and poet who is destined for big things. Pick up a copy of the album now and you can tell your friends you were there at the beginning, you won’t be disappointed.

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Review by Graham Steel

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