Album Review: Martha Tilston – Nomad

Martha Tilston has been working her magic in the music industry now for over 17 years and with each and every album this becomes more and more evident. 2017 sees the release of her eagerly awaited album Nomad which her fans have been awaiting since 2014.

Nomad is easily worth the wait and hundred times over; it is a stunning album that is as flawless as a diamond and as beautiful as well. Tilston easily has one of the most deeply charming and enigmatic voices that you could ever hope to hear. Sweet and tender, it comes to you as softly as the wings of a bird on the breeze and with a loving tenderness that cuts right through to your heart. It is her skin-tingling vocals that lead this phenomenal album into becoming the versatile and legendary piece of work that it is. When you first hear Tilston’s voice burst to life on the opening track Nomad Blood there is something in it akin to that first fresh breath of air taken in the falling snow. It’s refreshing, invigorating; flooding you with energy but also bringing goosebumps to your skin.

Surrounding Tilston’s voice is an endless ocean of stunningly composed music. Driven primarily by a series of fluttering guitar melodies her music is elegant, eloquent and utterly exquisite. It is bolstered by such a wealth and variety of tunes and instruments that intermingle and compliment each other perfectly. Violins cut through a baseline that flows like water while a powerful yet subtle series of drum beats power through her work. The result is a series of songs that are opulent; layer upon layer exists in every song and lets you choose where you are going to focus your attention. Nomad is a relentlessly cheerful album, filled with a variety of upbeat tunes there is something within it that simply lifts your spirits and leaves a warm feeling creeping in.

Tilston has had close to two decades on the music scene to perfect her art and perfect she has. Each time you think she is at the pinnacle she surpasses herself once again and brings something extraordinary into the world. Nomad is a stunning and evocative triumph; rich smooth and fulfilling it is an album you will find nestled deep in your heart very soon.

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Huddersfield, The Parish – April 28th

Cheltenham, Everyman Theatre – April 29th

Sussex, Into The Wild Beltane Festival – April 30th

Bristol, Trinity – May 4th

Manchester, The Wonder Inn – May 5th

Whitstable, St Mary’s – May 7th

Falmouth, Princes Pavilions – May 13th

London, King’s Place – May 18th

Southampton, The Art House – May 20th

Kent, Small World Spring Gather – May 27th

Bath, Shindig Weekender – May 28th

Birmingham, Hare & Hounds – June 8th

Guildford, Boileroom – June 9th

Frome, The Wheatsheaves – June 15th

Shrewsbury, Severn Tavern – June 16th

Penzance, The Acorn – June 21st

Totnes, Acoustic Haven @ HillyFields – June 24th


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Review by Joe Knipe

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