Album Review: Marc Oliver – Our Fleeting Time

Marc Oliver - Our Fleeting TimeMarc Oliver has been treading the boards under various guises for many years now. Having spent time as a member of various different bands including indie folk-rock band Dot to Dots he has now settled into a career as a solo artist.

Our Fleeting Time is the latest EP from Oliver; a four-track introduction to everything that he does so very well. Moments into Oh by the Night it becomes clear that Oliver has spent time honing his skills since his last EP and surrounding himself with a group of artists who are able to support his work and do it justice. His work is rich, full and grandiose – a beautiful amalgamation of orchestral work and gentle rock melodies that make his songs positively animated. Our Fleeting Time is brimming with musical wonder which Oliver then applies to two previously released songs giving them an astounding uplift.

Whilst it could have been said that his songs never needed to change upon hearing these versions of Oh by the Night and Erase the Years it is clear that they have been polished and honed so well since his last release. They come together with two additional songs which are just as catchy and provide you with just as rich a collection of music as these initial tracks. Complimenting all of this is Oliver’s unique voice which is hugely catchy and hugely identifiable. His earnest vocals mark each song so personally that you can feel the passion in his words.

Marc Oliver is an incredibly talented young man with an honest and eager voice and a natural disposition for creating wonderful, catchy music which simply will not dislodge itself from your mind. Our Fleeting Time is a perfect introduction to his music, the only issue in which is that at around 15 minutes his EP really is a Fleeting Time. But we expect amazing things from him in the future so we can wait.

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Joe Knipe

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