Album Review: Louise Jordan – Florilegium

Louise Jordan is a one-woman folk chamber orchestra. Here, on her second full-length album, she accompanies herself economically but satisfyingly on guitar, piano and cello. With a pure and elegant delivery, as on her previous work (Tempvs), it gets very difficult to tell which songs are traditional and which are originals. This is a tribute to her adoption and absorption of the form.
Louise’s voice takes you somewhere between Joan Baez at Newport Folk Festival in the 60s and primary school singing lessons. Her style embraces the near-operatic and the commonplace, her phrasing both heightened and conversational – all this often in the same song.
The music carries you on an emotional wave, from the whimsy of ‘Together’ to the melancholy of her charming setting of Christina Rosetti’s ‘Promises Like Pie-Crust’ and to the comfort of the nursery on the lullaby ‘Florebis’. Direct and unfussy, the essence of the music and message is never lost in ornamentation. A record that is timeless, artless and yet ambitious.

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