Album Review: Lindsay West – We Came In From The Sea

Lindsay West has been gracing the scene for a while now under various different monikers and We Came in from the Sea is her third astounding EP out of four wonderful releases.

There is only one tiny issue with Linday’s EP and that is the simple fact that it is an EP. In reality that’s not an issue at all, but by virtue an EP contains just four tracks and with an unfathomable voice such as hers; it’s the musical equivalent of the book you can’t put down. Lindsay launches into her opening song The Rain, an articulate and soulful piece, her voice burning with emotion and pure, raw talent. Gentle and calming, it is accompanied by the soft and simple sound of the piano that intensifies her astounding voice and sets the precedent for how she means to go on.

Lindsay’s voice has a wonderful quality to it in that there is something incredibly familiar in the way she sings. Her voice is the embodiment of every rich, female vocal you’ve ever heard and is uniquely and unquestionably hers. Each of the remaining thee songs on the album hinge on her every uttered syllable. Yet each one is complimented by warming, moving guitar and piano compositions that are assured to plant themselves firmly in your mind alongside her affectionate lyrics.

The key to Lindsay’s success isn’t simply that she is an accomplished musician; it is that her voice is tender, fragile – almost magical and she compliments it perfectly with a soft blend of music that renders them inseparable. She produces the kind of songs that you can fall in love to, not just with.

For more information on Lindsay, to check out her other EPs or to listen to her Song Assignment, check out her websites below:

Review by Joe Knipe

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