Album Review: Lazibyrd – Under the Sky

Lazibyrd are a modern day English Folk duo from Somerset Comprising of fiddle player and singer, Sharon Martin and guitarist Tom Chapman.  “Under the Sky” is their latest album a compilation of tracks covering a wide ranging subject matter.  Subjects range from thoughts of love and lust, to setting out of political statements and observations in song and verse.  Overall the album has a bright jangly and has a refreshing sound in some places particularly on some of the slower tracks, there is a hit of Jazz about them to.  The Duo’s voices complement each other well and the pair produces some great harmonies throughout this album along with simple yet effective musical accompaniment.

Their opening track “I’m Alright Jack” is maybe a nod to the late 70’s or 80’s and a tongue in cheek look at the country in the post thatcher era.  This sets the tone for a number of tracks and lets the listener know firmly and squarely that Lazibyrd have something to say and are not shy about saying it.

There are also some thought provoking observations throughout this album, in one of the stand out tracks by the same name they seek to examining the “The little things” people do, a look at how people in a relationship interact, maybe without even knowing it complementing each other and keeping each other company without conscious thought.  “Half Of One Whole” is an up tempo tune as is the track “Love Unrequited” which covers folk more traditional subject of someone’s feeling and a yearning desire to be wanted by another person, this is played out through a fast lyric and an almost comic touch at times.

In another stand out track “Fog on the Water” the sound takes on a more thoughtful tone with a backdrop of self-doubt put to an old English folk style, there is a competent demonstration of fiddle playing and some interesting lyrical harmonies on this track all of which result in an almost haunting memorable sound.

Don’t expect a wealth of over produced musical accompaniment from this album, the simple rhythmic backing of guitar and fiddle though brings about a freshness to Lazibryd’s sound, making it a pleasant change from some of the more over produced commercial music of today.

Saving what might be the best till last, the final track on the album “Under the Stars” demonstrates Sharon’s vocal talent as well as maybe showing an insight in to Sharon’s restless nature and the duo’s desire to “not stand still” no doubt wanting to reach a wider audience as possible.

Lazibyrd have shown that they have all the necessary skills and talent to take their music to the next level, they clearly have something to say and have a talent to putting their thoughts to music.  You would do well to keep an eye open for them on their extensive gig lists if they are playing near you I am sure live they will make a great act.

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Review by Andy Weller

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