Album Review: Larkin Poe – Venom & Faith

Larkin Poe are an Americana roots rock band hailing from the United States where after years of hard work they have progressively made a name for themselves across each and every state. They are the very epitome of Americana roots as their soft Southern accents seem to melt atop their glorious country-tinged melodies.

Fronted by sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, the band encapsulates a wide variety of influences and has merged them all together to create the mesmerising album that is Venom & Faith. This is album that has something for every musical craving. If you’ve an urge for powerful country tunes then songs like Mississippi with its rich twang and daring slide guitar are the thing for you. If you’re more in the mood for something dark and experimental then the dangerous tones of Fly Like an Eagle run rampant. However, the whole album is imbued with a moody and yet grandiose sense of power. Songs such as the opening Sometimes are filled with brass and large swelling scales that aren’t dissimilar to the well-known and jovial tracks produced by Bellowhead. Despite their inherent country and blues influences and the darker and more sombre tones that they can bring to a song, there is still a rich and personable sense of playfulness to the work of Larkin Poe – this might be in part due to their contagious voices in which you can almost see their smiles as they sing.

Venom & Faith is fuelled by a powerhouse of sound that hits you like a runaway train. It might slow and speed in equal measure; sometimes softer and other times striking like a lightning bolt but the result is an album that opens itself up to you like a fissure. Although their music might be the fuel, it is the earnest, smooth and sultry vocals of the duo that actually fan the flames. The vigour and power that is held within their voices is truly something to behold. Closing the album with Good and Gone you can really hear the raw and rough power that resides within. Taciturn and smoky, reaching pitches both excessively high and low, this song is a perfect representation of the depth of range and versatility that Larkin Poe possess. When you combine voices so astounding that they might have been traded at the crossroads with the roaring tunes that the band unleash, the result is an album that will leave you gasping for more.

The perfect embodiment of country, Americana, blues and roots, Venom & Faith is one of the most astounding albums to come out of 2018. Vibrant, powerful and positively buzzing with passion, it’s al album that will hit you like a hard whisky and keep your heart pounding in your chest.

‘Venom & Faith’, track listing
1. Sometimes
2. Bleach Bottle Blond Blues
3. Honey Honey
4. Mississippi (Feat. Tyler Bryant)
5. California King
6. Blue Ridge Mountains
7. Fly Like An Eagle
8. Ain’t Gonna Cry
9. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
10. Good And Gone

Larkin Poe, European Tour:
Wed 21 Nov           London, Islington Assembly Hall tickets
Fri 23 Nov              Berlin, Musik & Frieden tickets
Sun 25 Nov            Cologne, Luxor tickets
Mon 26 Nov           Munich, Strom tickets
Tue 27 Nov            Vienna, Flex tickets
Wed 28 Nov           Bergamo, Druso tickets
Sat 01 Dec             Madrid, Cool Stage tickets
Sun 02 Dec            Barcelona, Razzmatazz 2 tickets

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Review by Joe Knipe

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