Album Review: Kaz Murphy – Ride Out The Storm

Kaz Murphy has the kind of background that you just couldn’t make up. A drummer and lead singer by the age of ten he performed in a variety of bands across various venues as a child. By the time he graduated from high school he had already written over a hundred songs and cemented his destiny as a musical storyteller. This January we saw the release of his latest triumph Ride Out The Storm.

Ride Out The Storm is a collection of country songs that seem to go down like a decent whisky; rich and smooth but with a subtle burn. Opening his album with People Come Together, Murphy introduces us to his work with a tender and heartfelt song that still retains a jovial tone to it – this song is the pure and soulful sound of hope, a key aspect that is shared with the likes of Soft Heart. You find yourself with a warming feeling in the pit of your stomach as you listen. His songs remind you that there is still good in the world. There is a beautiful versatility within his work as he takes you on a meandering stroll through his rich narratives. Juxtaposing heavier folk rock songs like A Sunny Day alongside the honeyed poetry of Thunderhead, Murphy brings you a journey that takes you through highs and lows; the ebb and flow of life itself.

Murphy is a musical maestro and he has crafted a collection of some of the most charming and catchy melodies that you will find echoing in your heard what feels like an eternity later. A heady collection of infectious guitar tunes, deep, rumbling bass lines and delicate banjo and mandolin tunes all melt together to generate a set of songs powerful enough to generate your home. Each tune is so perfectly pieced together that it almost feels simplistic in its structure, an understated sound that somehow houses a thunderous power within it. Of course, riding atop all of this is Murphy’s uniquely deep, gravelled voice that burns like coal embers. In songs like Blue Devil Sky he seems to fully unleash his deep, guttural tones and belt them to the heavens in a wildly infectious and powerful song.

Murphy has a stunning way with words that cannot be overlooked. Stemming from his youth in which he was already having his poetry and short stories published in-between his live shows, his way with words has always been prevalent and has only been growing over the years. Applying this beautiful art of storytelling to his work, murphy has yielded some of the most beautiful tunes that feel less like a song and more like a poem set to sound. These songs all feel immensely personal, like a careful glimpse into Murphy’s personal life. As his songs wash over you, you find yourself slipping inside his mind, seeing things from his perspective and feeling what he felt when he wrote these songs.

Murphy is an undeniably talented musician with a perfect penchant for taking you deep into his heart and mind. His personable, easy-going nature makes the music he produces wildly infectious and when it’s over it’s less like an album has finished and more like an old friend has just left for the evening.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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