Album Review: Joy Dunlop – Faileasan

Joy Dunlop, not a name you would immediately associated with western Argyllshire, however inspired by local traditionalists this album is one for those that love the Gaelic verse and traditional story telling of Scottish folk music.   Well produced and recorded, with some great musical accompaniment this album demonstrates Joy’s unique lyrical style and provides a platform on which she can demonstrate her talent.

Using inspiration from local song writers, musicians, artists and producing the album using local resources, Joy’s tribute to this part of the west coast of Scotland goes far beyond just the sound; more of a local export.  I am sure the album will find an audience both at home and abroad.  The music on this album conjures up images of mist covered moors and mountains and a life almost forgotten and wrapped in mystery.  Joy has a clear and precise voice that could be compared to that of Julie Fowlis, her song writing, style and voice are easily on the same level.   Accompanied by border pipes and backing singers there is a sense of real tradition, this album is the type that will grow on you the more you listen and become more familiar with the sounds and melodies.

Fortunately for those not fluent in Gaelic the CD comes with translated sleeve notes allowing the true nature of the songs to be enjoyed by all and helps you understand the sentiment of the lyrics.   The album is more than worthy of taking the time to listen to and reflect upon.  It will be time well spent.“

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