Album Review: Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings – Rose In June

For any aficionado of contemporary folk music Jon Boden will be a household name as one of the titans of music having stormed the world with bands like Bellowhead and Spiers & Boden as well as pursuing a solo career in more recent years. Not too far in the past you may remember us fawning over Boden’s first foray into solo work since Bellowhead split and now he’s back again with his latest album Rose in June, this time with The Remnant Kings backing him up.

Rose in June is a return to form for one of Britain’s finest artists as he positively bursts to life with The Remnant Kings backing him up with a collection of decadent and grandiose melodies. Songs like All Hang Down are driven by soaring fiddle melodies, hurtling drum beats and passionate guitar tunes – they are almost theatrical in scale as they bring what is quite frankly a show to life. Boden has a whimsical and beautiful vocal scale that places he squarely able to aptly portray any given range of emotions in his work which allows him to switch between raucous, joyous tunes, sentimental ballads and eerie, haunting melodies without a spot of hesitation. Rose in June is a perfect representation of his years of skills all being honed as the album comprises soft and tender lullabies with grand and jovial tracks like Leviathan, an instrumental as unpredictable as the English weather as it sings an dances its way around you heart.

One of the most instrumental aspects of Boden’s work is the atmosphere that he is able to create as he harnesses traditional folk styles and melodies and expertly blends and melds them into some new and contemporary collection. With the added power of the Remnant Kings behind him, his contemporary stylings have only grown as he surrounds himself with blaring brass sections that float above his joyous fiddle melodies. Rose in June has everything that you could have come to expect from a Boden album; rich, tenacious melodies that put a fire in your heart and a skip in your step and a daring blend of traditional folk medleys comparatively juxtaposed with the modern era of folk. This even see’s the brilliant cover of Hounds of Love in a manner in which on Jon Boden could reimagine. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful.

Jon Boden has been one of the most respected and revered musicians in folk for many years now and with each and every release this is a testament to his skill and craftsmanship as he stays on top form and brings his fans what they want each and every time. With Rose in June Boden puts his very best self forward and rewards each and every eager fan who’s waited patiently with an album that will rock them to the core.


20/11/19 – St George’s, Bristol

21/11/19 – Union Chapel, London

22/11/19 – The Old Market, Brighton

23/11/19 – Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa

24/11/19 – RNCM Concert Hall, Manchester

25/11/19 – Sage, Gateshead


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Review by Joe Knipe


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