Album Review: John Smith – Headlong

John Smith might be a common name these days but it’s safe to say that when it comes to the music of singer-songwriter John Smith there is absolutely nothing common about it. Smith’s work errs away from the common and plants itself firmly in the breath-taking realm.

Headlong is the latest album from Smith, a phenomenal powerhouse performer who despite the raw energy within his work manages to fill it with a tender and caring passion. Subtle and inspiring, his music feels close and intimate, connecting itself like a shadow in broad daylight. It’s a beautiful, harmonious and softly poignant album that can lull you and rouse you at the same time. Smith’s guitar leads the way in his work as he carefully and deftly plucks the strings to create a gently rumbling series of tunes which whilst being somewhat minimalistic are wholly inspiring with their deep and resonant charm.

Smith’s minimalistic style is drastically driven by his sweetly gravelled and whisky-tinged vocals which lead the way throughout the album. Perhaps it stems from his early career spent performer in loud Liverpool pubs, but Smith’s voice demands to be heard as it bursts firth with one of the most arrestingly powerful tones on the circuit today. Headlong lets his voice echo and resonate through to your very core; deep and evocative yet with a soft melancholic twinge to it there is something that is deeply emotive and personal within it. His voice is supple and versatile, lending itself to tender lullabies as well as powerhouse country styled tunes he makes it clear that his talent runs deep.

Headlong is a moving insight into the world and talents of John Smith His work can feel as heavy as a stone and as light as a feather, it’s a versatile and heartfelt album where you can hear Smith’s passion and love for his art in every note.

Listen to the new track ‘Far Too Good’:

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Review by Joe Knipe

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