Album Review: Jess Klein – Back to my Green

Jess Klein has been producing high quality country music now for more than a decade and a half since her humble beginnings. Since that time she has graced many a stage and many a more headphones and stereo speakers throughout the world. This year saw the release of her latest monument to music, Back to my Green.

Back to my Green is a striking collection of songs that almost seem to pay homage to the roots of country music itself and also the roots from which Klein herself came. However there is something more to it than that – Klein has reimagined country. Reimagined folk. It is a collection of songs made entirely in her own image and it seems to be a whole new breed of sound. Within Klein’s work she takes on the raw and ready, powerful nature of country music; tames it like a wild stallion and then surrounds it with inflections and blurred lines from other genres. There is an indelible imprint of country at the core of every song and yet there is something there that is different. Her opening track In Dreams has her ardent melodies surrounded by a crescendo of orchestral classic styled violins. This might not be rare in country music but the way in which Klein pairs these aspects makes for a clashing reimagination of sound and it’s an enthralling performance to hear.

Klein has one of the most striking and mesmerizingly beautiful voices that completely envelopes you, encouraging time lapses. As the album comes to a close some 40-odd minutes later you may well find yourself wondering where you have been. Her smooth and honeyed voice seems to reach down deeply into your heart and for love nor money it’s a feeling that you don’t want to cease. So you let her voice wash over you, sinking you into a deep lull and flooding you with a relaxing, almost meditative solution that washes all your sins and worries away. To top of her vocal talents Klein is also a masterful storyteller who stitches together monumental tales that find beauty in the day-to-day. As a result, Back to my Green is a relentlessly uplifting album that raises her each and every note ever higher, and alongside it, your very spirits.

Klein’s beautiful stories drift along like clouds in the sky above meandering rivers weave around beneath between rolling green meadows. Her charming, evocative and completely natural style can move you to dance or to tears in equal measure. For the duration of this album, Klein has complete and total control over your heart.

Jess Klein · April-May 2019 UK Tour

Accompanied by Mike June on electric guitar


Fri 26         KingskerswellDevon         Kingskerswell Parish Church

Sat 27       Southport                         The Atkinson      Triple header with Michael Logen and Blue County

Sun 28      QueensburyBradford          Black Dyke Mills    

Tue 30       LeithEdinburgh                   Leith Depot


Wed 1       Glasgow                           The Doublet

Thu 2        Montrose                          Montrose Folk Club, The Links Hotel

Sat 4         EccleshallStaffordshire        The Royal Oak  

Mon 6        Birmingham                     Kitchen Garden Café

Wed 8       London                             Green Note         co-headline with Michael Logen

Further dates to be announced

Review by Joe Knipe

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