Album Review: Jeremy Ivey – The Dream And The Dreamer

Nashville-based musician Jeremy Ivey has operated almost behind the scenes for many years as an integral member of a various bands but never quite deigning to steal the spotlight for himself. However, with his latest album The Dream and the Dreamer he focuses his solo effort and brings forth a collection of chilled and soothing country melodies that can only be washed down with a good drop of whisky.

Ivey has a simple style that channels your attention to his dextrous guitar melodies and backs them up with a rich collection of gospel-styled organs and gentle bass lines that drift like clouds in the sky. There is a bountiful sense of peace within his work as The Dream and the Dreamer lets you drift away to gentle lullaby country ballads such as Worry Doll. This couples perfectly with Ivey’s unique vocal styles which have a real depth and emotive power to them. Whilst deep and resonant, his voice is packed full of emotion and often settles on the more melancholic side of happiness, creating a soulful resonance that echoes within all of us.

It isn’t merely the power that is held within his music that Ivey presents to the world but in his songs as a whole. His work is more than readily identifiable for much of society and those of us who find solace in his words are drawn in like moths to a flame. Not always cheerful but not always melancholy either, songs like the title track The Dream and the Dreamer are stunning and charming counteractions to the darkest of days. No matter the content or the context, Ivey’s songs are all perfectly formed to create a blissfully smooth and peaceful collaboration of sound that can lull you to sleep, rouse you awake or simple put you at ease.

The Dream and the Dreamer is a careful and considered album that still feels as though it is operating just outside of the spotlight. Ivey focuses entirely on his art and you can feel that this is the music that he wants to hear, not just make. And with this comes a perfect sensibility that allows him to cast out his fears, woes and joys and share them with the world.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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