Album Review: Jade Jackson – Wilderness

Jade Jackson is a hugely inspirational and powerful performer who doesn’t shy away from the darkest realms of the inner mind; and in refusing to do so simultaneously forms an unbreakable bond with her audience and extends a helping hand to everyone who has ever faced their darkest thoughts in the dead of night.

Wilderness is only Jackson’s second full-length album and yet as a singer-songwriter she has already come so far. An immensely personal album, Wilderness alludes frequently to the addiction and depression that Jackson has suffered over the years after an accident that left her in doubt as to whether or not she would ever walk again. Her raw and uncompromising honesty is not only a refreshing lifeboat for anyone who has experienced similar mental anguish over the years but it’s almost perfectly suited to the passionate and soulful country stylings that she produces. Coupled with a collection of beguiling guitar melodies that ring out with a clear and powerful tone that sits just beneath the surface of her stunning and crystalline voice that thunders through her work like the bends of a raging river.

Jackson has a smooth and evocative voice that seeps to creep across your heart with rich, smoky tones that emphasize her emotional stories and fill them to the brim with her inimitable passion. Like a tonic for the soul, Wilderness is an album that haunts you in a completely new manner. It collects together a beautiful but painful autobiography that focusses on real life examples for Jackson that sing of life, love, loss and hope. But it is this candid honesty that really gives Jackson her sharpened edge. Her music is compelling, her vocals rich and earnest and the combination is something dreams could be woven from. But it is these tales that matter. They can send shivers down your spine and bring goose flesh to your skin because not only are they touching and sentimental topics but they are also identifiable.

Even if you have never suffered any form of mental health issue the natural and exposed soul of Jackson is something that would appeal to anyone. Her emotive and tender songs might touch your soul but they also pack a punch and Wilderness is a powerhouse album that will rock you right to the core.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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