Album Review: India Electric Co. – Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters is the latest release from musical magicians India Electric Co., a marvellous and mesmerising dup with penchant for breathing new life into old melodies and traversing time itself as they soothe your very soul. Their elegant and charming collection of songs is the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of an increasingly busy life as the encapsulate you in a bubble of peace and tranquillity for a spell with only their soft harmonies for company.

The versatile music of India Electric Co. has always been brimming with as warming and positive energy, the kind that breathes life into weary bones and affirms the life that surrounds you in just a few carefully composed notes. Seven Sisters might only contain six tracks but those six tracks are a breath-taking tour of their music as they bring to life their passionate and lively tunes that carefully straddle a line between the ages. There is a classical and timeless element to their music that is intoxicating and immersive as it draws on timeless folk stylings of old but this is carefully interlaced with a stunning amalgamation of contemporary styles that clash in the most charming and complimentary ways. Dancing folk fiddle flitters along atop a tender and ardent piano melody, the two combining to weave a tapestry that whips your mind through time and lands and gradually creating a collection of songs so calming and atmospheric that you could allow yourself to be washed away in it in a heartbeat.

India Electric Co. have a stunning versatility to them that has always allowed them to transcend genres and create their own infusions that they harmonise so beautifully and naturally as to create a sound that feel so intrinsically new and stunning and yet so familiar and homely that it feels as if it has always been there. Like the embrace of a long lost friend Seven Sisters is warm, passionate and brimming with affection. The passionate music from the duo is readily enhanced by their earnest and soulful voices which drift alongside most of their work. Evocative and tender, their voices seem to resonate from somewhere deep inside your heart and a gentle flame seems to rumble to life deep inside you. The duo seem to harness the ability to summon thoughts and feelings you never knew you has as well as stamping their own unique branding on timeless classics. Their minimalistic and almost sombre take on Flash Company is a spine tingling foray that you can’t help but feel within your bones like a winter breeze.

Seven Sisters creates its own pocket in time as it carves a phenomenal niche for India Electric Co. as they further enhance their earnest and passionate brand of folk music. Filled with a veritable treasure trove of songs that feel as though they could wash away your sings the EP is a stunning collection by a duo with an incomparable talent and musical tenacity.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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