Album Review: I’m With Her – See You Around

I’m With Her never actually set to become the powerhouse band that it has today. Originally having started out as an impromptu project for just one show, this act brought together the astonishing talents of Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O’Donovan and combined them into something powerful, genuine and new. Since that fateful day the trio have found something familial in each other and the music they have created ever since has sent them around the world to legions of fans. Three years on they have finally released their official debut album See You Around to capture the sounds that have captured so many hearts across the globe.

See You Around is one of those rare albums that can pick you up from any mood – the music isn’t cheerful per se; in fact songs such as Pangea can start off in an almost eerie and ethereal tone but there is something so tender and soulful that it cannot help but elevate you. The most astounding aspect of I’m With Her is their absolutely mesmerising harmonic stylings. These three young ladies each have a truly remarkable and inimitable voice but when they sing together there is something otherworldly about them. Their vocals swirl and blend together as tightly as a tautly coiled spring becoming indefinable from one another and yet this tidal wave of emotion washes over you. Their stunning angelic chorus hits you like a heady blend of mead, sweet and dizzying at the same time.

I’m With Her – “See You Around” [Live Performance]

The music that I’m With Her have opted to surround themselves with is sharp and refreshing. They appear to have a burning sense of discontentment with plying their trade to any specific genres and the result is a folk-country-rock amalgamation that blends together an overwhelming number of fusions. Unafraid to experiment the trio produce songs such as I-89 blending a hard electrical guitar sound alongside that of a deftly plucked banjo. This song sits alongside others like Wild One which sound almost like the archetypal country styling that you could come to expect; careful guitar, gentle fiddles and a charmed ukulele. For a band that is equally at home producing raucous and jubilant country infused songs as well as haunting and soothing melodies they have a sound that is the epitome of adaptation; constantly evolving, See You Around brings the last three years of work for the trio together to showcase their considerable abilities.

I’m With Her feels less like a band that an act of fate. Listening to See You Around it’s impossible to imagine their music coming from anyone else. A truly distinguished and breath-taking trio with a seemingly inexhaustible talent at their disposal, they have created an album that could charm a heart of stone and move the very mountains. Truly a remarkable and utterly unmissable collection of songs.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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