Album Review: I See Hawks in L.A. & The Good Intentions – Hawks with Good Intentions

Hawks with Good Intentions is an album that essentially what it says on the tin. It’s the worldly Americana vibes of I See Hawks in L.A combined with the Liverpudlian folk vocals of The Good Intentions.

I See Hawks have eight previous albums to their name in their own right but after meeting Peter Davies and Gabrielle Monk back when they first toured the States, the two bands ignited something in one-another and their friendships blossomed into a working relationship and the groups began to merge and work together. Despite their geographical locations, with each member working tirelessly on different tracks and pinging them back and forth across countries and time-zones the group came together as Hawks With Good Intentions and this a new breed of Americana was born. As the two bands come together with their latest album there is a true sense of peace and harmony that is elevated within their work. Songs such as Rambling Girl are smooth and tender harmonies that have an evocative and almost emotional context to them with their gentle ruminations and charmed melodies. This soft nature appeals to the more sombre side of country and Americana where the group can concentrate on showcasing their indominable talents with their deftly finger-plucked strings and lullaby nature.

In contrast to this however, the group do have more dominating tunes that crackle and pop as they burst to life. The likes of Steel Rails is a true classic country ballad focussed on the railways and the blazing sun. Richly textured and painting a vivid picture in your minds, they never waste an opportunity to bring their thoughts to life. Theirs is also a rich and earnest sound that is enhanced by the rich harmonies that the groups have created with their soulful voices all reaching dizzying new heights with the likes of Hills on Fire in which they almost seem to makes themselves the Americana answer to the likes of The Weepies in the eager and fulfilling way in which their vocals all intermingle and melt together with their tender music.

I See Hawks in L.A and The Good Intentions are both phenomenal in their own right but when the two groups combine they become something new and exciting. With Hawks with Good Intentions we get the best of both worlds as moody American drawl seeps into Americana and blues infused melodies to create an inimitable album with a good sense of humour and daring splash of style.

Review by Joe Knipe



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