Album Review: Heidi Talbot – Angels Without Wings

Heidi has an extremely clear and pure voice which she demonstrates to great effect on this album. Anyone that likes the style of Cara Dillon and a traditional Irish folk sound will really appreciate this album. You can hear in Heidi’s voice from time to time slight influences of American folk as well as other cultures around the world one track having a slight Persian feel to the sound.

The Album is easy to listen to with at times some intricate melodies which are performed with seeming ease. Sometimes reflective and sometimes making a statement there is something there for everyone. Amongst the new material there are some classic tracks sung in Heidi’s own style which brings something new to each of them.

Heidi obviously has earned the respect of some high profile performers and it’s easy to see why. The number of famous names that have helped Heidi with the making of this album bare testament to the quality of her voice and her song writing skills.  She has been joined by artists such as Mark Knopfler, King Creosote, Jerry Douglas, Tim O’Brien, Karine Polwart, Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow) Julie Fowlis and the list goes on, each bring their own style and skill which has been blended to perfection in the production of this album.

The Album was recorded at the Gorbals Sound Studios in Glasgow, this collection of tracks attempts to capture the atmosphere of a live concert performance, edge of the seat stuff.  There are a number of must listen to tracks on this album one of which, THE LONELIEST, is a duet with Louis Abbott and is one of the more emotional tracks on the album, with its haunting flute accompaniment it will certainly make you think.  An unlikely track I’M NOT SORRY will bring you back to earth and have you tapping your toes in no time and humming along to the tune.

It’s no wonder that Heidi has been nominated for the BBC folk awards twice, this is one album that will be a favourite in many a collection.

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The forthcoming single ‘Will I Ever Get To Sleep?’  is out March 18th

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Review by Andy Weller


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