Album Review: Hannah Robinson – Oil and Turpentine

Hannah Robinson

Oil and Turpentine is the debut album from phenomenally talented Hannah Robinson, an acoustic musical genius with a talent for writing stunning, tender songs that lift you up and carry you through her alluring album.

It’s very readily apparent from just a few moments in that Robinson is incredibly talented. Her music is widely varied whilst retaining an almost simple, lullaby feeling to it. There is an increasingly addictive slide guitar used throughout the album which instills the album with the slightest hint of blues while the occasional organ gives the odd song an almost gospel feeling. There is such a unique combination of genres melded together in her songs, an infusion of something like jazz, blues and everything in-between and yet her music is never crowded or overpowering. The music is incredibly deep with a stripped back feeling to it that comes from her tender use of her acoustic guitar. Your Painted World and Songbirds in the Afternoon are both notable examples of this as they amalgamate an eclectic mixture of genres and craft them into something new and exciting. The music is both uplifting and deeply soothing, a sound that conjures images of quiet sunsets.

Complimenting her perfectly crafted melodies is her incredible voice. Her vocals are rich, soulful and smooth. More than anything they also carry with them an earnest feeling which makes each song feel as if she is being laid bare to the world. This honest and tender element to her voice coincides so well with her music making each song touch gently upon your heartstrings. Listening to her it’s not difficult to compare her to Regina Spektor in a more sultry, acoustic fashion. One of the other beauties of Robinson’s work is that in her wonderful lyrics, not a single word is wasted. Her lyrics are as finely crafted as her music and each word carries with it a sense of depth as she paints pictures with the use of each and every syllable. Even when she touches on the more melancholy her lyrics are carefully combined with her music to retain an upbeat nature; songs like The Peacemaker are resplendent with a positive creativity housed within them that make them so easy to take to heart.

Oil and Turpentine is a gentle, kind and tender collection of songs that have been lovingly composed and brought together in magnificent form to leave you soothed and smiling from ear to ear.

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Joe Knipe

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