Album Review: H.C. Slim – Sings

H.C. Slim is one of the most interesting young acts to emerge from the jagged landscapes of Finland in recent years and this year saw the release of his debut album Sings. Sings is a strangely dark and rustic look at Slim’s surroundings with his own unique light being shed on the darkest corners.

Sings is a minimalistic masterpiece wherein Slim cloaks himself in only the smallest slither of music; tender guitar melodies that seem to drift in and out like the lapping of the waves, coupled with genteel harmonica. The result is that although his music is soft, beautiful and uplifting, the true focus of your attention is on Slim and his verse. Sporting a resonant, empathetic and almost melancholic voice his work is eerily beautiful and as he lowly rumbles some of his words to life they seem to shake you to the core like tectonic plates echoing and crashing together in your chest, creating these new landscapes of emotion. This is rarely more prevalent than in his single release The City is Burning, a sparse track that is stitched together almost entirely by his vocals and his unique fashion of writing.

Sings is not a cheerful album but it’s not sat on the side of melancholia either. It seems to be more of an album that concentrates his sounds and ideals like the beam of a torch in the night. It’s constantly spreading out further and further illuminating the things you want to find alongside the things you don’t. Because with Slim’s work you don’t get the chance to flash the torch away or turn it off however, he simply takes you on a journey through caverns, over cliffs and through meadows. It’s clear that the beautiful expanses of nature that surrounded him growing up in Finland has been an inspiration for his art and as he himself says ‘I go through the rocky roads for my listeners’.

H.C. Slim is a young man with a talent for writing beautiful, concise and poetic prose and then blending it with a beautifully sparse and almost disjointed sound. His songs err on the gloomier side of life but there is something refreshing in how he never shies away from it all. Slim takes the good and the bad as they come in life and so to should we.

New album due out 31st May via Svart Records – Pre-order HERE

Review by Joe Knipe


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