Album Review: Green Diesel – Now Is The Time

The sound of Green Diesel has changed significantly in the interlude between their 2010 EP Kings at Sea and their debut album of 2012, Now is the Time. At first the change is subtle, creeping up on you as the album progresses; but by the end of the album it’s evident that the change is the maturity of the music they have spent the last two years honing and mastering.
Now is the Time combines a host of soaring folk melodies with a nautical flare and is tinged with a touch of rock to cap it off. Songs such as The Saga of John Ward and Rolling Sea have all the maritime panache of a good old-fashioned sea shanty and the music they envelop it with is as effective as any rolling wave as the tunes themselves set you swaying from side to side.
To accompany their sailing songs Green Diesel offer up a host of tunes to get your feet tapping and your hands clapping; the likes of The Hop Festival Song and the humorous and catchy The Greatest Show on Earth embody everything that a good folk song should. Violins abound, their strings intermingle with addictive baselines and a variety of distinctive instruments to create an array of memorable tunes that will live inside your head for days.
The calmer and more collected songs such as Elmstone are a pleasant change in the pace of the album as they really give the listeners a chance to stop stamping their feet for a moment and absorb the eclectic range of talents and harmonious vocals on offer. Soothing, autumnal music washes over you before the guitars and drums kick in bringing you back down to earth in an upbeat tempo that’ll get your knee jerking again ready for the next track.
With their debut album Green Diesel have crafted a harmonic and warming collection of songs, worthy of a jig on the deck of any ship (or living room for that matter). Refreshing in its assortment of rocked up folk songs and tales of the sea it’s clear that Green Diesel are only going to get stronger and this is an album not to be missed.
For up-to-date information on the band, take a look at their website: where both their CD and EP are available.

Review by Joe Knipe

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