Album review: Golden Fable – Alchemy

Golden Fable are perhaps one of the most fascinating and hauntingly atmospheric to tread our stages today. Comprised of vocalist Rebecca Joy and astounding multi-instrumentalists Tim Joy and Jonathan Guy, the trio have an inimitable characteristic that is uniquely their own and yet feels as old as time, as though their sound has been passed down to them generation by generation. Their new album Alchemy is an ethereal landscape that is painted in thirteen tracks and will snatch the breath right from your body.

As Alchemy begins with its heartfelt opening track Tripwires we are introduced the tender collection of melodies that the group convey. Driven by the heavenly chords of the harp there is a deep and almost otherworldly nature to their work that is richly evocative. As if the trio were drawing their sound from Old Father Time, each track conjures up images of rolling green meadows, damp, lush woodlands and trickling, crystalline streams. This beauty comes to you directly as though they have snatched each and every chord from nature itself. This same beauty is heralded by the combination of just two simple elements within their work. The first is simply the music itself, a colourful and heartfelt tapestry that is woven before your very eyes as their slow, meandering melodies drift out from fiddles, harps and guitars. The second is how they marry this act together with the powerful and mesmerising vocals of Rebecca Joy whose rich, honeyed tones seem to reach you like a light through the night. Hers is an encapsulating power and together with Guy and Joy she harnesses it to its full potential.

The trio might have a quiet and perhaps melancholic note to their songs at times but despite this there is also a sense of the grandiose in their work. As the group turn their talented hands to a multitude of instruments throughout Alchemy the result is a beautiful and haunting album that seats itself somewhere between folk, orchestral and even operatic. As easily refreshing as a cold stream on a summer’s day, the songs that Golden Fable bring to the world are in a word, mesmerising. One of the most notable elements to their work is that despite the meandering pace or the eerily beautiful vocals there is an almost tremulous sense of power that they wield, as though their every word has been steeped in time for a millennia. This is an act that is dissimilar from so much on the music scene today as their beguiling performances have bewitched and ensnared fans up and down the country and now with Alchemy they can do it from the comfort of your own living room.

The most wonderous thing about Alchemy however is how charming and aptly named it is. Golden Fable are one of the most fascinating and tenderly beautiful acts of the current day and this is all in a sense because of their innate ability to take everyday lead and turn it into gold.





Review by Joe Knipe


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