Album Review: Frankie Davies – Wherever I Go

Having grown up listening to a wide variety of country music as a child, there has been a clear imprint on the musical stylings of Frankie Davies. Her rich and sultry voice as well as her gentle and ardent country fuelled lullabies have all been audibly shaped by the love of the genre she knows so well.

This year saw the release of her latest album Wherever I Go, a beautiful and harmonious set of songs that invigorates the heart and soul with her tender melodies and charmed, mesmerising vocals. As the album opens with High on Love, her voice is the first thing to really reach you. It’s less of a reach than a grab however as the sheer depth and power that reside within her voice ring out to you like a bell tolling across a vast ocean. Her fluid tones flow like liquid gold spreading warmth to everything they touch. As Everywhere I Go unfolds before you it’s like feeling the warming creep of a whisky on a winters day. Her voice seems to seep into your bones and creep its way to your fingertips until there is a peaceful and invigorating warmth that washes over you. To hear Davies sing is simply put, to smile.

What is so refreshing in Wherever I Go is the fact that it’s not simply your archetypal country music album. It’s not all fast paced, boot stomping music and nor is it all sombre and blues. It’s a healthy combination of the two with songs like Front Row Seat and Wherever I Go taking the lead as soothing, soft melodies that are carefully laden with smooth slide guitar and gentle fiddle scores. These are the songs that leave you a wash with a glowing sense of summer while songs like Not Your Game and You Don’t Know Me are roaring, raucous beasts of tunes with hard and heavy electric guitar that brings the roof crashing down around you. These are the songs that flood your heart with adrenaline, they are the songs to cruise down the highway to. But it’s this heady juxtaposition of the two that makes Wherever I Go exactly what you need in your life.

By the time that Davies is done with you, you’ll be left in a state of suspended animation – some how filled with energy and yet simultaneously strangely at peace. With her astonishing music and breath-taking vocals this is an album that can keep you going through the toughest of days.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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