Album Review: Fantasy Rainbow – Bos Taurus

To look upon the track listing for Bos Taurus, the debut album from Fantasy Rainbow and see track listings including songs such as Ear Wax, O, Weirdo and Or; Comfort you might not know exactly what to expect from the album.  Forty minutes later you might still be thinking the exact same thing, but you’ll be vaguely aware that whatever the last forty minutes yielded, it was pleasant.

Fantasy Rainbow isn’t exactly your standard bout of folk music.  It’s an eclectic mixture of sounds and tunes that overlap and intermingle until they’ve created a coherent blend of music.  This alternative sound seems to have more in common with the distinctive sound of Arcade Fire than it does with the folky ways of the likes of Landermason.  This might sound disparaging but in reality it’s quite the opposite.  Bos Taurus is an eccentric fusion of winding basslines and artfully plucked guitars.  The slightly discordant results pack out a deeply individual, highly stylised album that’s filled with inimitable songs that are both novel and strangely compelling.

The music itself is invariably likable although thanks to the complex sequences of riffs and tunes employed on each song, it’s virtually impossible to determine which part was which when you come to try and hum it later. What’s especially endearing about this album however is the lyrics by Oliver Catt, the sole member of the band.  As you would expect from the track titles alone the lyrics can be as eccentric as their singer, but at the same time they are able to convey a certain depth of both amusement and emotion whilst simultaneously retaining a charmingly human quality and being as light as a hot air balloon.

A combination of relaxation and halting rock, it’s difficult to place a finger on which element of Fantasy Rainbow’s work is the most impressive.  The distinctive, almost contradictory music is new enough and catchy enough to be a breath of fresh air.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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