Album Review: Fairport Convention – Rising For The Moon(Deluxe Edition)

rising-for-the-moon-coverThis is another must for any Fairport fans, this double-disc set, Deluxe Edition of the 1975 album Rising for the Moon includes many additional tracks gathered from various archive material.  Some of which was recorded live from the LA Troubadour in a year before the legendary Sandy Denny officially re-joined the band.  There are also some as yet un-recorded or undiscovered songs on this album to.  The tracks containing Sandy Denny have been collected and remixed transporting her in to the 21st century.  The Troubadour performance features a memorable fiddle playing section from Dave Swarbrick, the band at that time also included Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks, Trevor Lucas and Jerry Donahue, maybe one of the best line-ups until the present day.

“White Dress”, which was discovered in the LWT archive has a raw and edgy sound to it, you can hear the embryonic style that has now become part of Fairport’s electric folk legendary sound.  Along with an alternate mix of “Dawn” and two tracks originally performed by Sandy Denny “After Halloween” and “King And Queen Of England” which has never been released on an album until now.  This is a rich, almost historical album, not only of a band but when put in to context of when it was recorded a view as to how Fairport’s musical style developed.  You can hear a style on this album that can still be heard today in places, it has evolved and along the way cemented a loyal and substantial following along the way.

This is one of those rare albums that has a wealth of almost iconic tracks and performances which unfortunately will never be repeated.  For those who enjoy the pure and effortless voice of Sandy Denny there is a wealth of commentary and songs on this album some notable ones are “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”, “Solo” and “Like An Old Fashioned Waltz” along with a spirited cover of Dylan’s “‘Down In The Flood” and to round things of her live performance of “Who Knows Where The Time Goes”.

“One More Change” is another must listen to track on the album building to a crescendo with a guitar towards the end to round off.

Dave Swarbrick also delivers an effortless rendition of “The Hens March through the Midden” as only he can along with an equally effortless performance of “The Hexamshire Lass”.

No such album of this nature would be complete with “Matty Groves” which sounds as fresh as ever.  This album really is a wealth of familiar and undiscovered material.

Rising for the moon was a Sandy Denny album so take this chance once again to listen to her beautiful songs and the music she made with the band, Fairport Convention.  Her fresh and effortlessly smooth voice is spine tingling.  Also enjoy though the range of other tracks on this double CD set these all bring with them a sense of achievement and history – this has to be one of the best compilation album of 2013 and for Fairport Convention followers maybe the best ever.


Review by Andy Weller

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